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Quarterly Tournament Entry

First Quarter 2020 Free Roll Tournament


First Quarter 2020 points are now being accumulated for the end-of-quarter free roll tournament.  Come down to Youngstown Poker in Girard and get in the action. 


The final event for the 1st Quarter will be the 7pm tournament on April 4, 2020.

The drawing for the final 8 seats for the main Free Roll tournament will be at midnight, or immediately following the conclusion of the 7 pm tournament on April 4, 2020.


The First Quarter 2020 bonus tournament will be held on Sunday, April 19, 2020 at 1:00pm and consist of two simultaneous free roll tournaments, providing an additional chance for even more Youngstown Poker players to win bonus money!  The quarterly prize pool has averaged over $5,500 and is a 100% payout.


The main tournament will consist of 32 players, including the top 24 players from the quarterly points list, and 8 players drawn from the "bucket."   Typically, the top 7 finishers will be paid (subject to change, as voted on by players at final table)


The second tournament will be made up of the next 24 quarterly points earners, if their names weren't pulled from the "bucket."  The prize pool will be $900 from the quarterly pool and pay the top 4 tournament finishers.  Runs simultaneously as thd main Free Roll tournament.


Where does the prize money for the Quarterly Free Roll Tournament come from?  $5 from every entry into a tournament is put into the prize pool.  The quarterly prize pool has averaged over $5,500. 


Just because you made it to the Quarterly Free Roll tournament doesn't mean you should stop playing.  The higher you are in the points standings, the higher your chip stack for the free roll tournament, as shown below:

Place Starting Chips   Place Starting Chips
1st 20.0 k   13th 14.0 k
2nd 19.5 k   14th 13.5 k
3rd 19.0 k   15th 13.0 k
4th 18.5 k   16th 12.5 k
5th 18.0 k   17th 12.0 k
6th 17.5 k   18th 11.5 k
7th 17.0 k   19th 11.0 k
8th 16.5 k   20th 11.0 k
9th 16.0 k   21st 11.0 k
10th 15.5 k   22nd 11.0 k
11th 15.0 k   23rd 11.0 k
12th 14.5 k   24th 11.0 k

25th - 32nd entrants are picked from the bucket and start the Quarterly Free Roll Tournament with 10.0 k in chips.


How does one get a seat in the free roll tournament?  There are two ways to be entered in the end-of-quarter free roll tournament:

  1. Accumulate Tournament Points.  Points are earned by playing in each tournament.  Total number of points earned depends upon the number of players in each tournament, with the first one knocked out getting 1 point, to the last person out receiving points equivalent to the number of players.  For example, a winner of a 12 person tournament will get 12 points, but the person who wins a 33 player tournament will receive 33 points.  Note:  the person finishing 12th in the 33-player tournament will receive 22 points, more than finishing 1st in a 12-player tournament.
  2. Be one of the 8 players being drawn out of the bucket.  Tickets are given:
    1. One ticket for tournament entry
    2. Tickets from 50/50 raffle
    3. Tickets from making it to the final table with 1st place receiving 10 tickets, 2nd place getting 9 tickets, etc., down to 10th place getting 1 ticket.

Current Q1 Points Standings


If you can't view on-line above, click below to download and view in your PDF document reader.

2020 Q1 Points
Adobe Acrobat document [403.3 KB]

View previous quarterly winners by Clicking Here






Knights of Columbus
122 South State St.

Girard, OH



$1/$3 No Limit Texas Hold'em




SEPT 23-26



Newton Falls Band Boosters

Happy Hearts Tamburitzans

Garrett Wonders Foundation


Wednesday, Sept 23rd, 7:00 pm 

$60 Tournament

Starting chips: 12k; 

+3k early registration;
$10 Add-on: +5k chips


Thursday, Sept 24th, 7:00 pm 

$40 Re-Buy Tournament
Starting chips: 10k

+2.5k early registration
$10 Add-on: +5k chips


Friday, Sept 25th, 7:00 pm 

$100 Tournament

Starting chips: 20k; 

+5k early registration;
$10 Add-on: +5k chips


Saturday, Sept 26th, 7:00 pm 

$40 Re-Buy Tournament
Starting chips: 10k

+2.5k early registration
$10 Add-on: +5k chips

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