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Quarterly Tournament Entry


$5.00 is collected with each local charity tournament entry and pooled throughout the quarter to enter Youngstown Poker players to a bonus end-of-quarter tournament.  

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Qualifying for the quarterly tournament


Here's how to get into the quarterly free-roll tournament:

1) Earning Points.  Finish in the top 22 points standings for the quarter.  Achieved by top 10 finishes in tournaments with 1st place at each tournament receiving 10 points, 2nd place getting 9 points, and so on, to 10th place receiving 1 point.  Your quarterly points standings rate you with the following starting chip values shown below.  If you cannot make the final and you qualified on points, you can pick a player to take your spot.

1st - 20K 9th - 16K 17th - 12K
2nd - 19.5K 10th - 15.5K 18th - 11.5K
3rd - 19K 11th - 15K 19th - 11K
4th - 18.5K 12th - 14.5K 20th - 10.5K
5th - 18K 13th - 14K 21st - 10K
6th - 17.5K 14th - 13.5K 22nd - 10K
7th - 17K 15th - 13K  
8th - 16.5K 16th - 12.5K  


2) Random Draw.  At every tournament a player enters during the quarter, he/she is given a ticket to be dropped into a bucket.  Those players making it to the final table get additional tickets equal to the points earned as described in #1 above.
From this bucket of tickets, eight (8) seats will be drawn for seats at the quarterly free-roll tournament and start the tournament with 10K in chips.
If you can’t make it and you were drawn by ticket, the player next in points will be chosen.


3) Turbo qualifier game.  Ten (10) players will be selected for a Turbo game based on the next highest quarterly points standings (starting with 23rd place, to 32nd place).  The final 2 seats for the quarterly free-roll tournament will be filled by the top 2 finishers in the Turbo game.  If names are previously drawn from the bucket or players are unable to make the tournament, the selectees may extend past 32nd place in the quarterly points standings.
If you cannot make the final and you played in, you can pick a player to take your spot. 


Second Quarter (Apr - June 2018) Free Roll Tourney

The Second Quarter 2018 Qualifier Tournament is underway, and started with the noon game on Thursday, March 23rd and runs through the 7:00pm game on June 15th. 

The Drawing for the final 8 seats will be June 15th @ midnight.
The Turbo playoff of 10 players for 2 seats will be Saturday, 6/23, @ 10am.


The Quarterly Free Roll Tournament will be later on Saturday, 6/23 @ 2pm, at the Girard American Legion.

If you cannot make the final and you qualified on points or played in, you can pick a player to take your spot. If you can’t make it and you were drawn by ticket, the player next in points will be chosen.


The Second Quarter points standings are provided below and are complete through Saturday, May 19th:

2nd Quarter 2018 Points Standings


If you are unable to view the above document, you may download it by clicking the link below:

2nd Quarter 2018 Points Standings
Adobe Acrobat document [45.0 KB]

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See you June 7th!



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