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Quarterly Tournament Entry

Second Quarter 2019 Free Roll Tournament


The Second Quarter 2019 tournaments are underway, with points being accumulated for the end-of-quarter free roll tournament held for 32 players.  The prize pool has averaged over $5,000 and is 100% payout to the players.


How does one get a seat in the free roll tournament?  There are three ways to qualify for the end-of-quarter free roll tournament:

  1. Finish in the top 22 of the quarterly standings.  Points are earned by top-10 finishes during tournaments held in the quarter, with 1st place receiving 10 points, 2nd place getting 9 points, etc., down to 10th place getting 1 point for the quarterly standings. 
  2. Be one of the 8 players being drawn out of the bucket.  Tickets are given:
    1. One ticket for tournament entry
    2. Tickets from 50/50 raffle
    3. Tickets from making it to the final table with 1st place receiving 10 tickets, 2nd place getting 9 tickets, etc., down to 10th place getting 1 ticket.
  3. The final 2 seats at the Quarterly Free Roll Tournament will be earned by the top 2 finishers of a Sit and Go Tournament and players are selected from the next highest group in the points standings (23rd place -32nd place, if not already pulled in the drawing).  

See the timeline below and view the list of the players and starting chip stacks at the bottom of the page. 


Second Quarter 2019 Free Roll Tournament Dates

July 3rd, 8:00 pm - The final event for the second quarter will be the 8:00pm tournament on July 3rd.  Quarterly tournament automatic qualifiers will be determined from points standings after the tournament is concluded. 

July 3rd, midnight - The drawing for the 8 seats from the bucket will be held at midnight.

July 14th, 10:00 am - The 10-player Sit-n-Go tournament will be held with the top 2 moving on to the Second Quarter 2019 Free Roll Tournament later in the afternoon.

July 14th, 2:00 pm - Second Quarter 2019 Free Roll Tournament will be held at the Girard Knights of Columbus hall.  If you cannot make the Sit-n-Go or Free Roll tournament, you are permitted to pick a player to take your spot.


Just because you made it to the Quarterly Free Roll tournament doesn't mean you should stop playing.  The higher you are in the points standings, the higher your chip stack for the free roll tournament, as show below:

Place Starting Chips   Place Starting Chips
1st 20.0 k   11th 15.0 k
2nd 19.5 k   12th 14.5 k
3rd 19.0 k   13th 14.0 k
4th 18.5 k   14th 13.5 k
5th 18.0 k   15th 13.0 k
6th 17.5 k   16th 12.5 k
7th 17.0 k   17th 12.0 k
8th 16.5 k   18th 11.5 k
9th 16.0 k   19th 11.0 k
10th 15.5 k   20th 10.5 k
Entrants picked from the bucket and Turbo Tournament qualifiers start the Quarterly Free Roll Tournament with 10.0 k in chips.



Where does the prize pool for the Quarterly Free Roll Tournament come from?  $5 from every entry into a tournament is put into the prize pool.  The quarterly prize pool has averaged over $5,000. 


View previous quarterly winners by Clicking Here


Current 2nd Quarter 2019 Points Standings

2019 Q2 Quarterly Standings
If you can't view the quarterly points standings above, click this link to download and view the current points standings.
Adobe Acrobat document [67.7 KB]

Thurs - Sat, JUN 27-29



Noon and  7 p.m. Thurs-Sat

$60 Buy-in includes quarterly entry and $5 bounty chip.


Thurs, 7 pm: $50 Re-buy tourney

Fri, 7 pm: $40 Re-buy tourney

Sat, 2 pm: $125 Buy-in **

**Includes $25 Bounty

Sat, 8 pm: $40 Re-buy tourney

Medina Swarm
$1/$2 Hold'em Cash Games starting at 11:00 a.m. with $100 splash pot.
Tournament Location:

American Legion Post 235

11 High Street

Girard, OH 44420



JULY 11-13 Games moving to new tournament location:

Girard Knights of Columbus

122 S State ST. (Rte 422)

Girard, OH 44420




10:00 Qualifying Turbo Tournament
2:00 32-player Freeroll Tournament
For quarterly qualifiers only.
Learn about the quarterly tournament by CLICKING HERE.
$1/$2 Hold'em Cash Games starting at 9:00 a.m. with $100 splash pot.
Girard Knights of Columbus

122 S State ST. (Rte 422)

Girard, OH 44420

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