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Youngstown Poker casino charity poker
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Welcome to Youngstown Poker

Quarterly Tournament Entry

Quarterly Free Roll Tournament of 2020 


The Quarterly Free Roll Tournament was played on Sunday, November 8th.  The main tournament of 32 players was held at 3:00 pm with a total prize pool of $4140.  The "Next 24" tournament was held at 10:00 am and had a prize pool of $900.


The players on the main Free Roll Tournament who ended up chopping $4140 10 ways:

Tim B

Chad T

Roger S

Gary M

Tony A

Aaron D


Chris M

Bob M


and the "bubble":



Then "Next 24" tournament players opted for a 4-way chop of the $900 prize pool and were:

Bo T



Anthony D



How Players Qualified for the Tournaments:

The Top 24 players in quarterly points standings automatically were entered into the main event.  The drawing for players from the "bucket" to fill the 8 remaining seats was held at midnight on Oct 24th, to round out 32 players in the main event.


The next 24 players in the points standings were awarded a seat in the "Next 24" tournament, which will be similar to main event but with a $900 prize pool.


The field of players is now set! 


The 32 players earning their way to the main Quarterly Free Roll Tournament are:

The 24 players earning a seat at the "Next 24" Free Roll Tournament are:

Tournament schedule:


November 8th, 10:00 am - Texas Hold'em "Next 24" Free Roll tournament.  All players will start with 10k in chips.


November 8th,   3:00 pm - Texas Hold'em main Quarterly Free Roll tournament.  Players starting chips will depend upon their quarterly points standings per the table above.


Seating assignments are based on seeding from quarterly standings and are shown below:

If you can't view on-line above, click below to download and view in your PDF document reader.

2020 Quarterly Points Standings
2020Q3 POINTS.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [56.6 KB]

View previous quarterly winners by Clicking Here

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SEPT 29 - OCT 2



Warren Civic Chorus

Never Muzzled


Weds., Sept 29th, 11:00 am 

$60 No-Limit Hold'em Re-Buy

Starting chips: 12k; 

+3k early registration;

$10 Add-on: +5k chips


Weds., Sept 29th, 7:00 pm 

$100 No-Limit Hold'em Tourney

Starting chips: 20k; 

+5k early registration;

$10 Add-on: +5k chips


Thurs., Sept 30th, 7:00 pm

$80 No-Limit Hold'em Re-Buy

Starting chips: 20k; 

+5k early registration;

$10 Add-on: +5k chips


Fri., Oct 1st, 7:00 pm 

$150 No-Limit Hold'em Bounty

Starting chips: 30k;

+7.5k early registration;

Includes $50 Bounty

$10 Add-on: +5k chips


Saturday, Oct 2nd, 11:00 am

$40 No-Limit Hold'em Re-Buy

Starting chips: 10k; 

+2.5k early registration;

$10 Add-on: +5k chips


Saturday, Oct 2nd, , 7:00 pm

$60 No-Limit Hold'em Re-Buy

Starting chips: 12k;

+3k early registration;

$10 Add-on: +5k chips


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